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I haven’t photographed the moon for a long time, so yesterday I made up for it a little. The sky wasn’t flawless, but the Clavius region was nice with the mountains.

NGC 4565

The Needle Galaxy is an edge-on spiral galaxy about 30 to 50 million light-years away in the constellation Coma Berenices. It lies close to the North Galactic Pole and has a visual magnitude of approximately 10.

Aerial photography


From the hills of Balaton Highlands to Adriatic Sea… we can enjoy the beautiful view of the nature.



Although I rarely shoot aerial video, sometimes the moving image and sound capture the mood better than the still image. In the latest short clip, Tündi and I send greetings from the magical mountains of Gran Canaria.

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Surf through the wonders of the Universe and find some colorful deep space pictures.

Former projects


When Aurora Borealis appeared, I immediately let go of the telescope and headed to the beach to capture the phenomenon. But the it was still busy collecting light…


Taken at three in the morning, over Lake Balaton. It was stunning, free-eye. The picture shows Big Dipper on the left and Cassiopeia on the right.


The Siamese Twins are located in the constellation Virgo. The reason for this very interesting shape is that these two galaxies are linked in a massive collision.


The M106 galaxy is a very interestingly coloured star city in itself, I published a photo of it a few years ago. However, I have not been able to capture the reddish jets before.

River of Stars

A special video project, a kind of summary from my astrophotos of the last decade. It is only 4 minutes with 4k resolution. We are many amateurs who enjoy cosmos at home, relaxing, while putting a whole serious amount of work on the table. This is how the 2010s looked to me.



When we’re not sitting in the tourist resorts, this island is very diverse (we’ve experienced this before in neighbouring Tenerife). There are several climate zones, from desert to tropical vegetation to mountain forests. And the change happens within a few kilometres, quite amazing, you can find yourself in another world in just a few minutes.



These cosmic clouds have blossomed 1,300 light-years away in the fertile starfields of the constellation Cepheus. Called the Iris Nebula, NGC 7023 is not the only nebula to evoke the imagery of flowers.



  • 400/1820 ANT Home Made Newtonian
  • 300/1200 Home Made Newtonian
  • Sky-Watcher 355/1600 Dobsonian
  • Fornax Mounts 150
  • Sky-Watcher EQ-6
  • ZWO ASI cameras and filters
  • ZWO ASIAIR full system package
  • TeleVue and Explore Scientific products

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Home made Newtonian - blog

My main telescope is a special product of my own design and manufacture. Many months of planning, calculations, then finding the professionals, many online discussions, then calculations again, budget, ideas, ideas rejected, then new ideas, their implementation… It was a very busy process. A telescope that truly encapsulates the experience of my past years. I blogged about it all the way through. It’s written in English, but you can read it with Google translate.

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It happened earlier...


Universo Mágico astronomy portal has chosen my latest photo as a featured image. This is now my 14th image chosen by the site since 2017.



ZWO has chosen an image of the Tiger Eye galaxy as its image of the week. (ZWO Astronomy Picture of the week /#24 / 2023.)


Click and enjoy some wonderful and inviting pictures from our trips with my family. Our world is one amazing place, we tried to capture something unique from each country.

Aerial moments

I believe you do not need to visit exotic places to capture beautiful moments. Somtimes the best shots are to be found locally, even around your home. I like it here. Silence, mist, sunlight, fog, sailboats, ruins, birds, water, hills.

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